About Chris Knights

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a Priest, a Theologian and a Theological Educator who seeks to serve God as a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ. I am passionate about Christian engagement with the ‘secular’ life of the world, about Theological Education and Research, and about radical, whole-life discipleship. I draw much of my personal spiritual inspiration from the Rule of St Benedict and from the Benedictine tradition (alongside the Bible!).

I am currently working for the Church of Scotland in Musselburgh, East Lothian, Scotland, as their Church and Community Development Worker. In this brand new post, I am responsible for creating and developing links between the ‘Church’ and the ‘Community’ in the town of Musselburgh in East Lothian, just to the east of Edinburgh.I have a particular focus on the Pinkie Braes Estate on the east side of the town, but my brief is town-wide and quite wide-ranging. I am leading on the Church’s support of Blue Triangle Housing Association, am working with a group of local people who are in Recovery on developing a Recovery Cafe in the town and am part of the group seeking to develop Musselburgh as a Dementia Friendly Town. I represent Musselburgh Council of Churches on the Musselburgh Area Partnership and am also involved with the Musselburgh East Community Association, the Carers of East Lothian and Queen Margaret University’s Community Forum. I remain as a Tutor for TISEC, and am now also the Coordinator for the Hebrew Scriptures module for that ministerial training course. I also have Permission to Officiate as a Priest in the Diocese of Edinburgh of the Scottish Episcopal Church and in the Diocese of Newcastle of the Church of England.

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