Community Afternoon at Pinkie St Peter Primary School

It was a great afternoon today (Thurs 28th Jan) at Pinkie St Peter Primary School in Musselburgh. As the school comes close to completing its massive extension, the Head is keen to open the school up more to the local community, and held a Community Afternoon today, 2pm-5pm.

Local organisations were able to have stalls in the dining hall, and then the public, parents etc were invited to attend, and to view the stalls, talk to the local organisations, and enjoy free refreshments. It was quiet at first, but from about 3pm onwards it got very busy indeed!

All sorts of local organisations had stalls – the Guides, Tenants and Residents Assoc, the Riding of the Marches, Community Learning and Development, Support from the Start, STRiVE, the Fire Brigade, First Step – and Musselburgh Council of Churches!

i had managed to get the Council of Churches a space in the hall, and the Chair of the Council created a display about its life and about my work, and arranged from some members of the Council to come and staff the stall alongside me.

And I had an extraordinarily wide range of conversations with all sorts of people, some of whom I knew, many of whom I didn’t – about God, faith, volunteering with the forthcoming Heart for Art group. chaplaincy to the school. It was great – and pretty exhausting.

But i was thrilled that the Churches were there in the ‘marketplace’ – showing that we are part of and interested in our local community – and that the Council of Churches took the idea on, so it wasn’t all down to me.

It seems to me that that is exactly what my work should be about, and is about at its best: me securing the place for the Churches at the table or in the market place, and then working with other Christians on using those opportunities to the full.

Many thanks to the Chair and members of the Council of Churches for being so willingly involved, and to the school for arranging the event.







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