At the heart of any Christian work has to be prayer. For the work is God’s work, not ours, and we are merely his instruments to further his Kingdom. Sometimes he uses us, sometimes he works independently of us.

He also clearly commands us to pray. In the Bible, in Jeremiah 29, God tells the Jewish Exiles in Babylon to ‘seek the welfare of the city to which I have sent you AND PRAY TO THE LORD ON ITS BEHALF.’ It seems to me that that commands holds good for us today too.

For a year or so, a small group of us have been meeting to pray together for the Musselburgh town and area, and it feels right to now widen this out and to invite others to join us. And not only to invite others to join us, but to make it possible for people to ask us to pray for certain things, situations, people in the town and area. I see this gathering to pray as a key part of my work as Church and Community Development Worker for the Church of Scotland in Musselburgh. In ways that we can’t fully understand, we find that things change in us and around us when we take praying seriously.

And so, MUSSELBURGH COMMUNITY PRAYERS is being launched.

When? 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month from 14th October at 4pm for about 45 minutes – so 14th and 28th Oct; 11th and 25th Nov; and 9th and 23rd Dec.

Where? St Andrew’s High Church, Musselburgh. The Church site has entrances on both the High Street (by B & M Bargains) and Millhill

Who? Anyone who wants to come along, whether they are a Christian or not

How can I make a Prayer Request? Email it to or text it to 07583 495598 and we’ll make sure it is offered to God at our sessions

I invite you to support this important new development in the life of our town and area.

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